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Assoc. prof. Ulf Jeppsson ulf.jeppsson(@)
Assoc. prof. Gunnar Lindstedt gunnar.lindstedt(@)
Dr Ramesh Saagi ramesh.saagi(@)

Studerandeexpeditionen på IEA är öppen på vardagar (dock ej onsdagar) kl 11.00-12.30. Telefon: 046-222 92 90. Andra tider efter överenskommelse. Du kan även kontakta oss via epost:

The IEA student administration is open weekdays (not Wednesdays) 11.00-12.30. Phone: 046-222 92 90. Other times by agreement. You can also contact us by email:


Posted 2017-10-27

The course starts on January 15 (Monday) in hall M:E, Mechanical Engineering building at 08.15. Welcome!