EIEN15 Electric Power Systems





The exam given on 7 January has been corrected. The results are found here. Contact Olof to see correction.

Retake exam on 7 January 8:00-13:00 in room M:IEA. Contact Olof to register.

The exam given on 28 October has been corrected. The results are found here. Display (visning) of the exam is on Friday 21 November 12:30-13:00 in M:IEA (lab 2).

Fri 24 Oct 8-10 M:IEA (lab 2) Q&A to prepare for exam.

LTH invites to lecture by Lawrence Jones, Alstom: "Energy system challenges - 2020, 2030 and 2050", 22 October, 15:15-16:30 in Lilla hörsalen, IKDC.

- Tue 14 Oct 13-15 M:D More of topics you choose.
- Wed 15 Oct 13-15 M:E Last year's exam.
- Fri 17 Oct 8-10 E:C Guest lecture "The electric power system - the most critical infrastructure" + comments on the course

Kraftringen invites us to study visit at Östra mottagningsstationen transformer station ("Brunnshögsvägen 32, Lund" in Google Maps) on 21 October 13:00-14:00 or 14:00-15:00. Please select group in the Doodle that has been sent by e-mail.

All Lab1 time slots in the Doodle are now over. If you still need to do the lab, contact Reza immediately before he disassembles the setups.

A Doodle for registration to Lab1 and Lab2 has been distributed by e-mail. Contact Olof if you did not receive it.

Welcome to first lecture Tuesday 2 Sep, 13:15 in M:D.

The course has been substantially changed since 2013:
- Part 1: DISTRIBUTION = fault currents, voltage control;
- Part 2: TRANSMISSION = power flow, synchronous generators, stability;
- Renewable generation is emphasized;
- New computer exercises in computer rooms support simulations in compulsory lab preparations.

The textbook is still Power System Analysis & Design, SI Version, 5th Edition, by J. D. Glover, M. S. Sarma, T. J. Overbye, 2012. Can be ordered from e.g. adlibris.com or cdon.com, but not from KFS.

See all details in the Course Program

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