EIEN15 Electric Power Systems





161117 The result of the exam can be found here. Congratulations to all that passed and to those that had a good result! The exam will be on display on Friday 25 November 12:30-13:00 in M:IEA (Ground floor of M-building, previously IEA Lab2).

161116 The exam has been corrected and the result will be posted here shortly together with date for display of the exam, where you can see how your answers were assessed.

161027 The result of the exam will be posted here when it has been corrected. In the meantime, exam and solutions are available here.

161004 A survey has been sent out by e-mail so that you can decide topics for lecture L11 on Thursday 13 October 8-10 M:D.

161003 The lecture on Tuesday 11 October is given by Lars Messing of Gothia Power, Malmö: Earth fault detection in reactance-earthed MV networks.

160921 Kraftringen invites us to study visit at their 130/10 kV transformer station on Brunnshög on 18 October 10-12. E-mails with Doodle-links to sign up have been distributed.

160914 On page 13 of the preparations for Lab 1, the values for RL have been changed to 0, 5, 10 and 10000 ohms.

160913 Section 9.5 was added to L5 in What to read and Course Program .

160912 E-mails with Doodle-links to sign up for the compulsory Lab1 and Lab2 have been distributed to all students that have attended at least one lecture. Contact me if you intend to do the labs, but have not received the e-mails.

160909 The missed exercise session will be compensated by one on Tuesday 13 September 8:15-10:00 in room M:IEA (IEA seminar room, Lab2 in the IEA lab corridor on the ground floor).

160906 No lecture Wednesday 7 September. Course program is more correct than TimeEdit schedule.

160905 Luckily the horrendous price of the new edition of the textbook was temporary and has already returned to 818 SEK at adlibris. bokus.com even sells it at 706 SEK. The publisher will also sell the book as e-book for less than 500 SEK starting this week.

Welcome to first lecture Tuesday 30 Aug, 13:15 in M:D.

The textbook is Power System Analysis & Design, SI Version, 6th Edition, by J. D. Glover, T. J. Overbye, M. S. Sarma, 2016. Can be ordered from e.g. adlibris.com or cdon.com, and perhaps from KFS. The 5th edition of the same book from 2012 will also work.

The student administration is located at IEA in the M-building on the second floor.

It is open weekdays 11.00-12.30. Other times by agreement. Phone: 046-222 92 90. You can also contact us by email: studexp@iea.lth.se.

All students present at the first lecture will be registered as participants of the course. Note that it is the student's responsibility to inform the department if he or she will drop the course