EIEN15 Electric Power Systems





171113 The exam has now been corrected and the results can be found here. Congratulations to many good results! You can see your exam and discuss how I corrected it on Monday 20 November at 12:30-13:00 in room M:IEA lektionssal (=lab2 in the corridor with lab7, behind the glass doors)

171013 According to the Doodle the best new time for Exercise E9 is Monday 16 October 13:15-15:00. Room: M:IEA lektionssal (=lab2 in the corridor with lab7, behind the glass doors)

171010 E9 will not take place as scheduled on Tuesday 17 October. A Doodle has been distributed to find a new time. The result will be posted here on Friday 13 at 13:00.

171010 CORRECTION In Exam151027_solution Eq' should be 1.28 all the time. Many numeric values in 4b) have therefore been slightly adjusted.

171005 CORRECTION In Lab2pm.pdf preparatory exercises have been corrected/clarified: In c) Eq=422V, delta=19.4 deg and voltages in diagram are line-neutral. Clarifying text has been added to f) and g).

171005 CORRECTION In E7.pdf textbook page numbers have been corrected and in E7_solutions.pdf 162.1 deg has been changed to 152.1 deg.

171005 L8_17.pdf has been updated with one slide about how textbook sections 11.4-11.8 relate to the lectured material.

171005 Kraftringen invites us to study visit at their 130/10 kV transformer station on Brunnshög on 16 October 10-12. E-mail with Doodle-link to sign up has been sent to all course participants.

171005 A survey has been sent out by e-mail so that you can decide topics for lecture L11 on Thursday 12 October 8-10 in M:E.

170928 Welcome to seminar by Fredrik Hermann, Project director of Svenska Kraftnät Gasturbiner AB, on "Swedish disturbance reserve, overview of plants and their capabilities - future needs and challenges". The seminar takes place in room M:D on Tuesday 3 October, 9:15-10:00.

170913 Five slots for Lab1 are scheduled 18-20 September. Please sign up on the IEA bulletin board, located just south of IEA main corridor in M-building. Remember to do the compulsory preparatory exercises. Since they include computer simulations the exercise on Thursday 14 September is held in a computer room.

170912 Correction to course program: Link for PowerWorld download.

As complementing material, one of the textbook authors makes slides from his course available through login at Cengage Learning.

Welcome to the first lecture on Tuesday the 29th of August, 13:15 in M:D.

The textbook is Power System Analysis & Design, SI Version, 6th Edition, by J. D. Glover, T. J. Overbye, M. S. Sarma, 2016. Can be ordered from e.g. adlibris.com or cdon.com, and perhaps from KFS. The 5th edition of the same book from 2012 will also work.

The student administration is located at IEA in the M-building on the second floor.

It is open weekdays 11.00-12.30. Other times by agreement. Phone: 046-222 92 90. You can also contact us by email: studexp@iea.lth.se.

All students present at the first lecture will be registered as participants of the course. Note that it is the student's responsibility to inform the department if he or she will drop the course