Power Electronics: Devices, Converters, Control and Applications

Course 2018

A detailed course programme will be distributed on the first lecture. You can also read the updated version here.


Intro + Switches


Manual for the flyback converter lab
Manual for the H-bridge dc/dc converter lab

Exercises and solutions

Exercises 4.1-4.10

Which exercises to do

Home Assignments

1. Flyback Converter (Philip Abrahamsson: Prepare for the lab by doing the simulation exercise as well as the preparation tasks in the lab manual.)

"Installation of LTspice IV or XVII Software"

  • Download LTspice IV or XVII
  • "Flyback Converter simulation exercise"

  • Instructions & what to investigate?
  • Library and schematic files for Flyback converter simulation exercise
  • A short report regarding the simulation exercise should be handed in latest 25 January by email to philip.abrahamsson(at)iea.lth.se


    Past exam - 30/5-2016 (solutions)
    Past exam - 30/5-2014 (solutions)
    Past exam - 21/5-2012 (solutions)

    Further information


    Hans Bängtsson (hans.bangtsson
    (at)iea.lth.se), tel. 070-878 34 69
    Mats Alaküla (mats.alakula
    (at)volvo.com), tel. 070 - 558 92 84  

    Labs and exercises

    Max Collins (mwtmfh(at)gmail.com), tel 046-222 74 99
    Samuel Estenlund (samuel.estenlund(at)iea.lth.se), tel 0733 -32 82 84
    Philip Abrahamsson (philip.abrahamsson(at)iea.lth.se)


    Course secretary Carina Lindström, whose office you will find in the middle corridor on the first floor of the five-storey part of the M-building. Carina is in her office Monday – Friday at 11.00 - 12.30, other times by agreement. Contact her by email: studexp at iea.lth.se or phone 046-222 92 90




    2018-01-17 : Presentation of lab 1 will be held both on Thursday 8:15 (18/1) as well as Friday 8:15 (19/1) in M:IEA.