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Most of the research at IEA is application oriented, where each program and project has been inspired by some real industrial problem. Our goal is to be industrially relevant as well as academically and internationally competitive.

Electrical drive systems offer a combination of problems in control structures, very fast digital control, power electronics and machine design and operation.

The research is focused on consumption of electrical energy, in particular in transportation and in even more particular in electrical machines and drives. This is motivated by the strong correlation between energy consumption and welfare in general and in particular the use of energy for transportation and the prosperity of society. Facing a significant scarcity of fossil energy in the coming decades, the future transportation system is in need of more energy efficient means for transportation and new ways of energizing the same. In this perspective, research is performed in the following areas:

  • Power electronics and electrical drives
  • Design and control of hybrid vehicles


    Electrical power systems research integrates power systems analysis, wind power systems, electrical machines, power electronics, power system automation and risk management.

    The EU integrated energy and climate change policy is concretized through the “20-20-20” targets for 2020:

    • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 20 % compared to 1990 level
    • Make 20 % of energy come from renewable energy sources
    • Reduce energy consumption by 20 % through increased energy efficiency

    This means using less fossil fuel and more renewable energy, but still using less energy in total. Electrical energy plays a key role in this and takes a more and more important role in society. It is therefore important to complement the three climate-related targets with the assurance of reliable electricity supply.

    In automation the emphasis is on the control of industrial processes, where control theory, real time computing, electronics and sensor technology are combined.


  • Projects:

    Electrical drive systems


    ERS In EMC

    ERS SlideIn 1


    ERS Lund City Bus

    ERS Landskrona


    Dynamic Testing




    Electrical power systems

    AIR - Automation for Integration of Renewables

    ICT-psi - ICT-platform for sustainable infrastructures


    Offshore power systems based on interconnectors

    Power system integration of non-synchronous generation

    PRIVAD - Program for Risk and Vulnerability Analysis Development

    Slide-in hybrid electric vehicles

    Solar energy in urban planning

    Wind in Öresund


    Project list coming