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Assoc. prof. Ulf Jeppsson ulf.jeppsson(@)
Assoc. prof. Gunnar Lindstedt gunnar.lindstedt(@)
Dr Ramesh Saagi ramesh.saagi(@)

Studerandeexpeditionen på IEA är öppen på vardagar (dock ej fredagar) kl 11.00-12.30. Telefon: 046-222 92 90. Andra tider efter överenskommelse. Du kan även kontakta oss via epost: OBS: Personliga besök undanbedes för närvarande pga pandemin.

The IEA student administration is open weekdays (not Fridays) 11.00-12.30. Phone: 046-222 92 90. Other times by agreement. You can also contact us by email: NOTE: Personal visits currently not allowed due to the pandemic.


Posted 2021-04-16

Dear Automation students, All students can now find your exam grade in a pdf document in the directory exam (anonymous format). The grades are F=Fail, 3, 4, 5. The final registration of the course results in LADOK will be made next week. Note that the next possibility to take the Automation exam is on Thursday August 26 2021 at 14-19.

Posted 2021-04-12

Dear Automation students, For all students who registered for the course in 2021, you can now find your exam grade in a pdf document in the directory exam (anonymous format). The grades are F=Fail, 3, 4, 5. The final registration of the course results in LADOK will be made as soon as possible. Note that the next possibility to take the Automation exam is on Thursday August 26 2021 at 14-19. We will now continue to work with the exams for students who took the course in 2020 or before. We will update you as soon as possible.

Posted 2021-04-09

Dear Automation students, We are sorry to say that the corrections of the exams have not yet been completed (although we promised April 9 as deadline). This is due to to both departmental and personal family reasons. We hope you can wait a few more days. We hope to provide the results to all the students who took the course in 2021 by Monday evening April 12. As for the students from 2020 we need to look a bit closer on some issues and therefore there will be some further delays for you. But we will keep you updated the best we can.

Posted 2021-03-25

Dear Automation students, we have now created an exam with complete solutions, available in the Exam directory. Please go in and check/compare with your own exam. The evaluation of the exam is on-going. The deadline for providing the final grades of the exam is April 9.

Posted 2021-03-18

Dear Automation students,
Everything looked good during the exam and fortunately we had no real technical problems either. All of you who wanted to send in answer sheets on the exam did so and the files were properly received. They have now all been printed and we have very quickly gone through them (about 1000 pages). It seems that everything is readable and that all your pages were included.
Within a few days there will be an exam including solutions in the exam directory Some things remain for us to add first. You will be notified by email as soon as we have all the results from the exam and the grades will also be on the web site (anonymously). Not later than April 8.
So once again we want to thank you for taking this course and we will see the majority of you also in the Automation for Complex Systems (AKS) course, which starts on Monday March 22 at 8:15 a.m. Gunnar will send out a zoom-link for the AKS lectures later this week.

Posted 2021-03-12

Nine students have STILL not sent the requested pdf file with:
1) a valid identification card or passport including a photo of you (in colour)
2) a recent photo of your face (just take a selfie with your mobile) in colour
You must do so now if you want to be able to take the exam on Wednesday.

Posted 2021-03-05 (also sent by email)

Dear Automation students,
We are now approaching the exam of the course. The exam will be organised via Canvas and Zoom. Make sure you are registered for the exam in LADOK. Note that these instructions apply equally to students taking the course in 2021 (course code EIEN50) and to students who took the course in earlier years (course code EIEF45). Read them very carefully and follow them strictly.
Already now there are two important things for you to do:
In order to simplify the identification procedure for the Automation exam on March 17 we ask you to (immediately!) send Ulf a pdf file (only 1 page) which contains a copy of:
1) a valid identification card or passport including a photo of you (in colour)
2) a recent photo of your face (just take a selfie with your mobile) in colour
Note that even if you did send us this information already in 2020 you must send it again since we have obviously deleted that information in accordance with GDPR regulations.
That way we can both save a lot of time before the exam (since we can identify you via your photo/live face on-line while the exam is ongoing without even having to disturb you) and we do not have to violate the GDPR rules about you showing vital personal information via a web camera that other people can read at the same time. Proper identification for the exam is of course an essential issue. Your identification hard copy and mail will of course be deleted after the exam.
Read carefully the instructions sent by email and also available in the password protected directory of this page. In the same way that we had for last year:s course there is now a test exam available in Canvas where you can test that you are able to download the exam and upload your scanned documents. Please try this ASAP!
If anything is wrong and we can fix it before the exam we will of course do that but once the exam has started you are responsible for that your technical equipment works.
The pdf file with all the detailed instructions is available in the password protected area where the recorded lectures etc. are also available. Let us hope that this exam will be free from problems!
Good luck with your preparations!

Posted 2021-03-05

All students (except one who will do the lab next week) have now been formally approved on Laboratory Exercise no 2.

Posted 2021-03-03

All students have now been formally approved on Simulation Task no 2. A hard copy with some comments/corrections has been handed back to you at Lab exercise 2 or delivered by email.

Posted 2021-02-28

An extra guest lecture with the title:
"A Peek into the Automation Industry" will be given by:
Jens Östhall and Erik Otterheim from B&R Industrial Automation on
Tuesday 2/3 09:00-10:00 (second part of the Q&A session).

Posted 2021-02-25

For students who took the course previous years and need to redo the exam on March 17 you can now register for the exam via LADOK. Note that you must register in order to do the exam.

Posted 2021-02-25

A hard copy of your Simulation Task no 2 report with some comments/corrections will be handed back to you when you arrive at Lab exercise 2. For students taking Lab 2 on March 4-5 a scanned copy will be sent via email. This so all students have their reports available as we discuss the simulation tasks on the lecture Feb. 3.

Posted 2021-02-23

Guest lecture on Thursday February 25. Do not miss the opportunity to follow the lecture by prof. em. Gustaf Olsson live. Gustaf will discuss numerous examples of automation based on his vast experience and most likely also go a bit outside the course book. Therefore extra important to be there live and be able to ask your own specific questions.

Posted 2021-02-23

All students have now been formally approved on Laboratory Exercise no 1.

Posted 2021-02-16

All students have now been formally approved on Simulation Task no 1. A hard copy with some comments/corrections will be handed back to you when you arrive at Lab exercise 1. All students have now also handed in Simulation Task no 2 reports. Corrections of those will start ASAP.

Posted 2021-02-04

The Dean of LTH has now approved that we carry out two different lab exercises on-campus for all students. The labs will be conducted in the old Mechanical Engineering building and you enter the building from the north side, i.e. from the side of the Electrical Engineering building. See map on the web site. The labs will be carried out in groups of six students + Dr Saagi and you will work individually with very much space between all of you. Safety equipment etc will be available in the lab. So there is no reason to feel worried about this exercise. Moreover, most of the M-building is a gigantic work area as the building is beeing renovated so there are almost no people there. But you must of course at all times follow the instructions by Dr Saagi to make sure the lab are carried out in a safe manner.

On Monday morning Dr Saagi will present the first lab exercise (so make sure you follow the lecture and can ask questions directly). Then you need to properly prepare for the lab and first lab occasion will start around Thursday Feb. 11. Dr Saagi will soon send out an electronic form where you can sign up for suitable time slots for lab 1 and lab 2. He will also put the lab manual/instruction on the web site so you can all start to prepare. Note that you can also find some short videos in the directory /Lab exercises and manual, related to the labs last year (some changes have been made this year but you will get the general idea what they are about).

We are very happy that we got the approval from the Dean since that also means that we can fully complete the course in study period 3 and you will get all your course credits if/when you pass the exam.

Posted 2021-02-04

Note that the deadline for handing in your Simulation Task 1 report has now passed. If you have not done so (and have not contacted Ulf about it) then you must do so immediately!

Posted 2021-01-26

A pdf file containing the Zoom link we use for all lectures and Q&A sessions has been added to the same directory as where the recordings are kept. So you have easy access to it if you do not want to search for the original email.

Posted 2021-01-20

In order to follow the course you MUST of course have access to the main book for the course. Therefore we will make an exception from the Covid-19 restrictions and allow you to come to IEA and collect the book at specific times. Also some other options are given below.

1) Collect the book at IEA. You pay 400 kr for the book in cash and get the book in your hand. We will open up this possibility on Friday January 22 at 12-13 pm, Monday January 25 at 12-13 pm, Wednesday January 27 at 12-13 pm. You enter the Chemical Engineering Center via entrance D (marked as Mechanical Engineering building, entrance door is open) which is close to the north-east corner of the building (just 50 m from the LTH Lophtet building). Take the elevator or stairs to level +2. From the lobby on the +2-level you will see a glassed meeting room behind the corridor entrance. Enter that room if there is no other student in there and pay and get your book.

2) Have IEA send you the book. You pay 400 kr for the book by swish to +46730471707. Make sure to provide you name and complete postal address as well when you swish. IEA will send you the book ASAP. Note that it will take a few days and maybe you may also need to collect the book at some postal service since the letter may too thick to deliver into many normal letter boxes.

3) You buy the book at the first lab exercise. This is not recommended. We still do not even know if the labs will be allowed on-campus and the labs do not start until around Feb. 11 and you will need the book before that. But if you chose this option then pay cash to the teacher at the lab.

To allow you also immediate access to the book you can find a pdf-file of the entire book at the course web site (same directory as where the recordings are stored). This pdf is confidential and should NOT be made available to anyone but yourself. The file is also heavily protected (cannot be editied or printed etc) and marked in special ways, so keep it confidential. This is only a temporary measure so that you can immediately start working with the course and begin reading the book.

Also note that Lund University has now extended the existing Covid-19 restrictions for students until March 31. This means that the exam for the Automation course will be done digitally.

Posted 2021-01-15

Welcome! The course starts on Monday January 18 at 8:15 a.m. via Zoom. An email has been sent to you with the Zoom-link (also check your SPAM folder since sometimes the emails end up there). Note we do NOT use Canvas for this course. For obvious reasons most of the course will be done by remote means (Zoom).
Lectures all via zoom: the link you received is recurrent and will hopefully work for all lectures etc. However, as Zoom is frequently updated one never knows if things work as planned. Make sure you have the latest update of Zoom installed before Monday morning. All lectures will be recorded and made available to the students. Slides for the first three lectures are available as pdf:s here.
Exercises: The exercise sessions in study week 2-7 have been changed into Q&A sessions. All done via Zoom.
Laboratory exercises: We have modified the laboratory work and reduced the number of lab exercises from 3 to 2. We have asked for permission to carry out these labs on-campus in groups of 6 students. We are awaiting the decision by the Dean. The labs do not start until study week 4. All standard COVID-19 safety measures will be applied if done on-campus.
Simulation tasks: the material for the two simulation tasks is already available at the course web site.
Exam: will be done either on-campus or remotely. Not yet decided.
At least until Jan 31 the restrictions at LTH are quite severe. What happens after that date we do not still know. Make sure you follow updates on this web page on a VERY regular basis. All news and updates as well as the course material will be made available here.
Recordings of all lectures (as they become available) can be found here in the directory "Lecture recordingsā€¯. Username and password to access the recordings was sent in your personal email.
So althought the Automation course 2021 will be quite different from previous years we are certain that in principle the same quality and standard can be maintained. The lectures are sceduled at Mondays 8:15, Wednesdays 15:15 and Thursdays 8:15 and will all be done live.
Welcome on Monday at 8:15 for a great course. If you have any questions just send an email to

Posted 2020-11-24

The course starts on January 18 (Monday) at 08.15 via Zoom. Welcome! More details will be sent to all students who have registered for the course. Due to the pandemic all lectures will be given live via Zoom (and also recorded for all students benefit). The three laboratory exercises will be carried out on-campus in smaller groups with all necessry precautions. At this time it is not clear if the exam will be carried out on-campus or by digital means.