Available PhD and MSc projects at IEA

Although not listed below, there are generally several MSc projects available at IEA. If you are interested in doing your MSc project at IEA please contact:

Gunnar Lindstedt (Industrial Automation and Mechatronics)
Ulf Jeppsson (Industrial Automation and Water and Wastewater Systems)
Mats Alaküla (Industrial Electrical Engineering, Electric Machine Design, Power Electronics, Hybrid Heavy Vehicles, Mechatronics)
Hans Bängtsson (Industrial Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics)
Carlos Martins (Industrial Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics at ESS, European Spallation Source)
Avo Reinap (Industrial Electrical Engineering and Electric Machine Design)
Olof Samuelsson (Power Systems)
Jörgen Svensson (Wind Power)

If you are interested in postgraduate (PhD) projects, you are encouraged to contact one or several of the persons listed above, as PhD positions may be available.

MSc Project:

Tentative Title: Network analysis using electricity meter data
Description: Hourly values of consumption from electricity meters are collected for billing purposes, but offer a valuable source of data for analysis of network loading. This project brings together electricity meter data with network data with the goal to improve planning and operation of distribution networks. The project will first visualize actual and historical network loading graphically. Next the loading is to be adjusted according to scenarios for expansion of electric vehicles and solar electricity. Additional extensions are to be discussed and decided when the project starts.
Industrial involvement: Kraftringen, Lund
Start: Anytime
Contact: Olof Samuelsson
Tentative Title: Förlustoptimering av Ringhals lokalkraftnät
Description: Se beskrivning på vattenfall.com.
Industrial involvement: Ringhals AB
Start: Våren 2020, sista datum för ansökan 2019-11-30
Contact: Olof Samuelsson