The simulation exercises take advantage of mathematical computing software - Matlab, Windows 2D finite element solver for planar and axisymmetric magnetic, electrostatic, heat flow, and current flow problems with graphical pre- and postprocessors - Femm and source code editor that supports several programming languages - Notepad++


Heat transfer analysis of a single-phase shell type transformer based on 2D finite element model and 2D/3D equivalent circuit model.
Investigate and compare heat transfer models. Resize geometric components: coils and core, and analyse the consequences.

Assignment 1


Electromagnetic analysis and characterisation of a single-phase shell type transformer based on a 2D finite element model and an equivalent circuit model.
Transformer characteristics, equivalent circuit, derivation of circuit components. Magnetostatic and quasi static-models.

Assignment 2


Heat transfer and electromagnetic analysis for evaluation of the performance of a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine.
Investigate and compare the heat transfer and electromagnetic models. Change the number of poles, size of the geometric components, resize stator and rotor, and analyse the outcomes.

Assignment 3


Detailed electromagnetic analysis of a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine with focus on torque, flux linkage and power loss mechanisms.
Analyse on field distribution and waveforms, field oriented control and torque production, forces and power losses in the machine parts.

Assignment 4


Machine models, parameter estimation and derivation of characteristics for three-phase PM and PM assisted synchronous machines.
Calculate machine parameters and draw torque speed diagrams. Familiarize yourself with the rules for normalizing and scaling of electrical machines.

Assignment 5