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Topics & Keywords


Thomas A. Lipo, Analysis of synchronous machines, CRC Press, 2012.

Distributed windings, machine equations, dq-frame, steady state & transient operation


Dieter Gerling, Electrical Machines Mathematical Fundamentals of Machine Topologies, Springer, 2015.

Fundamentals, electrical machine types, concentrated windings


Eberhard Kallenbach, Hans-Dieter Stölting, Wolfgang Amrhein, Handbook of Fractional-Horsepower Drives, Springer-Verlag, 2008.

Small actuators, rotating machines and drives


André Veltman, Duco W.J. Pulle, Rik W. De Doncker, Fundamentals of Electrical Drives, Springer, 2007.

Machine theory, drive models in simulink


Joao Pedro A. Bastos, Nelson Sadowski, Magnetic materials and 3D finite element modeling, CRC Press, 2014

Magnetic materials, core losses, finite element method