EIEN15 Electric Power Systems




Inroductory information:

News related to the course - see protected folder

Welcome to the first lecture, Tuesday 3 September 8:15 in M:D.

Web: The lecturer distributes login for the protected folder.

Registration: All students present at the first lectures will be registered as course participants.

Schedule: 1.Laboratory exercises are not in the TimeEdit schedule. Time slots will be chosen based on Doodles distributed to registered students.
2. Computer exercises are not compulsory.

Textbook: Power System Analysis & Design, SI Version, 6th Edition, by J. D. Glover, T. J. Overbye, M. S. Sarma, 2017, also available as e-book. Paperback can be ordered from e.g. adlibris.com or cdon.com, and perhaps from KFS. The 5th edition of the same book from 2012 will also work.

The student administration is located at IEA in the M-building on the second floor. It is open weekdays 11.00-12.30 and by agreement. Contact: 046-222 92 90 or studexp@iea.lth.se.

Note: A student who wants to drop the course is responsible for informing the department about this. If this is not done, it may affect the possibility to pick up the course at a later time.