Mechatronics (EIE 070)  

"Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes." (Industrial Research and Development Advisory Committee of the European Community)

About the course (in Swedish)

Studerandeexpeditionen på IEA är öppen vardagar kl 11.00-12.30. Telefon: 046-222 92 90. Andra tider efter överenskommelse. Du kan även kontakta oss via epost:

The IEA student administration is open weekdays 11.00-12.30. Phone: 046-222 92 90. Other times by agreement. You can also contact us by email:

General information 


The slides below are from the course 2009. They are shown here to give you a picture of the course's contents. The lecture material will be slightly modified and updated during the 2010 course.

Electrical Energy Flow
Lecture slides
Control 2010
Motors 2010
Literature and data sheets
Electrical Motors (In Swedish, equivalent material in English available from course secretary)


Design Methodology

Part 1 2010
Part 2 2010 Last slides are the first home work task 2010
Part 3 2009


Development projects. Paper copies from the lectures are handed out during lectures and can also be fetched at the IEA student office, daily 11-12.30.

Production Technology
Overview 2009

Laws and Standards

L&S 2009

Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC 2009


Control Systems


At least 4 out of the 5 assignments below must be fulfilled.

1. Design methodology 2010 Last slides in this file

2. Energy flow 2010

3. Mechatronic devices 2010

4. Finite element method excercise

5. Laboration in real time programming

Task results 2010

The project   

Descriptions of the projects 2010

Electric Suspensions in Heavy Vehicles


Automated Crack Measurement

Report Instructions 2010

Report Requirements 2010

Project Groups 2010


4 out of 5 tasks above + the report work and presentation must be passed to get the grade three!

For higher grades you must write an exam like Exam 2003



Below you will find some reports from earlier courses.

Projects 2009

Group 1 Electric Supply for Road Vehicles - on the Road
Group 2 Electric Supply for Road Vehicles - on the Road (in Swedish)
Group 3 Electric Supply for Road Vehicles - on the Road
Group 4 Flaw Detection in Concrete
Group 5 Roof-Mounted Wind Power Plant

Group 6 Roof-Mounted Wind Power Plant


Projects 2007

Group 1 final version: Produktutvecklingsprojekt
Group 2 first version: VOLVO PROJECT
Group 3 final version: Automatisk anslutning för hybridbilar
Group 4 final version: Laddningsanslutning till hybridfordon
Group 5 first version: Innovative Means of Motion Control

Projects 2006

Group 1
Making of Cylindrical Sleeves (TetraPak)

Group 4 Preventing the Wiper Blades from Freezing to the Windshield (SAAB Automobile)
Group 5 Automatiserat Lastgolv (SAAB Automobile)




26 April

Task result list updated.

Tetra Pak study visit on Wednesday the 28th: We leave with two cars from the parking lot behind the M building, Ole Römers väg 1 at 12.40. We shall be at the entrance of Tetra Pak at Borgs väg at 13.00. The visit is planned until 15.00.

15 March

NB! There will be lectures by Klas Nilsson on Real Time Programming on Tuesday, 16th 10-12 and Thursday, 18th. These are very valuable for task 5, the real time programming lab.

17 February

Project groups ready.

Projects from 2009 below, esp. relevant for the Cracks project.

Task 3 will be presented tomorrow.

NB: No lecture Friday, FEM lecture on Monday 13-15 at IKDC, room DC:467, FEM excercise (task 4) on Monday 15-17.30.

Then only one more lecture this study period, Sensors, on Thursday the 25th of February.

12 February

Schedule updated.

Please give Henriette a notice of which project you would like to do and with whom, latest Monday (first and second preference).

Groups will be announced on Wednesday.

5 February

Tasks result are found here. Most of you missed Robert. He was sitting in M:D, waiting. Henriette is to blame for unclear communication. Sorry!

If you would like feedback from Robert, you are welcome to email him for an appointment at his office in IKDC.

2 February

All lectures from tomorrow and on will be held in lecture room M:IEA.

29 January

Tasks number 1 (Design methodology) and 2 (Energy Flow) are on the home page. feedback will be given on Friday the 5th of February, 13.15-16 in lecture room M:IEA. Please fill in a time slot for task 1 at and another time slot for task 2 at

20 January

NB: There is no lecture on Thursday, the 21st.

15 January

The Mechatronics course 2010 is starting on Monday the 18th of January at 15.15 in lecture room M:D. Welcome!