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Lars Gertmar spends a part of his time as Adj. professor at the department in Lund. He combines the academic mission with his main job as Corporate Senior Scientist, at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås. http://www.abb.com/secrc

Lars was born and raised in Karlshamn in the southeastern part of Sweden as the youngest of three brothers. He received the major part of his academic education at Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg on the western coast of Sweden. He got his M.Sc. in EE, Ph.D. in Electrical Machines and D.Sc.(Docent) in Power Electronics there. He and his wife Birgitta moved, more than twenty years ago, to Västerås, 100 km west from Stockholm, where he joined Asea’s Central Labs, today organized as ABB Corporate Research.

The power utility Sydkraft, http://www.sydkraft.se, located to Malmö, in the vicinity of Lund has funded his professorship at LTH/IEA during six years. The openness with Sydkraft’s staff as well as the company’s industrial funding are both gratefully acknowledged.


  • power electronic motor drives — main circuits, modeling, design and test methods
  • prediction of electro-magnetic compatibility in railroad propulsion drives and signaling
  • sub-components and system designs of mains-friendly battery chargers for electric road vehicles

With his industrial background, he has carried out pre-studies in different electrical engineering R&D areas. Such pre-studies have shown to be of great value for IEA’s strategy.

In Västerås, he focuses, with some exceptions, new concepts for machines and drives. The power ratings as well as the rated voltages are higher:

  • Power electronic — low-speed and high-speed — drives
  • High-voltage machines like Powerformer®
  • Various aspects on electrical energy generation & storage


Lars has regularly some lectures in courses like Electric Drive Systems (EMS) and Power Electronics during each year. Seminars at the department, at other Nordic Institutes and at seminars organized by companies, are also a part of his work.

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