PhD Theses

Anton Karlsson (2022), Electric Drive and Charging System for Heavy Vehicles - Solutions Based on Electric Road Systems, TEIE-1095, Full document

Philip Abrahamsson (2020), Thermal Management of Conductive Electric Road Systems, TEIE-1093, Full document

Sebastian Hall (2019), Testing and Modelling of Electrical Traction Machines - Performance Characterisation with Measurements from Transient Operation, TEIE-1092, Full document

Rasmus Andersson (2019), On the Design of Electric Traction Machines - Design and Analysis of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Heavy Commercial Vehicles, TEIE-1091, Full document

Gabriel Domingues-Olavarria (2018), Modelling, Optimization and Analysis of Electromobility Systems, TEIE-1090, Full document

Bobbie Frank (2018), On Optimal Control for Concept Evaluation and System Development in Construction Machines, TEIE-1088, Full document

Mohammad-Reza Safari-Tirtashi (2018), Control of Voltage and Damping in Bulk Power Systems, TEIE-1086, Full document although NOT including four of the scientific papers, which are not yet formally published

Finn Landegren (2018), Technical Infrastructure Networks as Socio-Technical Systems - Addressing Infrastructure Resilience and Societal Outage Consequences, TEIE-1085, Full document although NOT including two of the scientific papers, which are not yet formally published

Yury Alcides Loayza Vargas (2017), Highly Dynamic Drives for Electric Hybrid Vehicles - Electric Machine Design and Dynamic Test Method, TEIE-1084, Full document

Ramesh Saagi (2017), Benchmark Simulation Model for Integrated Urban Wastewater Systems - Model Development and Control Strategy Evaluation, TEIE-1083, Full document

Kimberly Solon (2017), Extending Wastewater Treatment Process Models for Phosphorus Removal and Recovery - A Framework for Plant-Wide Modelling of Phosphorus, Sulfur and Iron, TEIE-1082, Full document

Zhe Huang (2017), Modeling and Testing of Insulation Degradation due to Dynamic Thermal Loading of Electrical Machines, TEIE-1081, Full document

Magnus Arnell (2016), Performance Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Plants - Multi-Objective Analysis Using Plant-Wide Models, TEIE-1080, Full document

Luyu Wang (2016), A new Auxiliary Converter Topology with SiC Components for Railway Applications, TEIE-1078, Full document

Francisco J. Marquez-Fernandez (2014), Electric Traction Machine Design for an E-RWD Unit, TEIE-1072, Full document

Ingmar Leisse (2013), Efficient Integration of Distributed Generation in Electricity Distribution Networks - Voltage Control and Network Design, TEIE-1071, Full document

Jonas Ottosson (2013), Thermal Modelling of Power Modules in a Hybrid Vehicle Application, TEIE-1069, Full document

Dan Hagstedt (2013), Comparison of Different Electrical Machines for Belt-driven Alternator and Starter, TEIE-1067, Full document

Johan Björnstedt (2012), Integration of Non-Synchronous Generation - Frequency Dynamics, TEIE-1064, Full document

Francesco Sulla (2012), Fault Behavior of Wind Turbines, TEIE-1063, Full document

Jonas Johansson (2010), Risk and Vulnerability Analysis of Interdependent Technical Infrastructures - Addressing Socio-Technical Systems, TEIE-1061, Full document

Sabine Alexandersson (2008), Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility - Prediction and Analysis of Parasitic Components in Conductor Layouts, TEIE-1056, Full document

Zoran Gajic (2008), Differential Protection for Arbitrary Three-Phase Power Transformers, TEIE-1055, Abstract, Full document

Jörgen Svensson (2006), Active Distributed Power Systems - Functional Structures for Real-Time Operation of Sustainable Energy Systems, TEIE-1050, Abstract, Full document

Dalius Misiunas (2005), Failure Monitoring and Asset Condition Assessment in Water Supply Systems, TEIE-1048, Abstract, Full document

Karin Jonasson (2005), Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Diesel Engines, TEIE-1046, Abstract, Full document

Ines Romero Navarro (2005), Dynamic Power System Load - Estimation of Parameters from Operational Data , TEIE-1045, Abstract, Full document

Avo Reinap (2004), Design of Powder Core Motors, TEIE-1044, Abstract, Full document

David Martinez Munoz (2004), Design, Modelling and Control of Electrical Machines - With Applications to Iron-powder
Machines and Acoustic Noise
, TEIE-1043, Abstract, Full document

Bengt Johansson (2004), DC-DC Converters - Dynamic Model Design and Experimental Verification, TEIE-1042, Abstract
Full document

Christian Andersson (no 1) (2004), On Auxiliary Systems in Commercial Vehicles, TEIE-1039, Full document

Morten Hemmingsson (2003), Power System Oscillations - Detection, Estimation & Control, TEIE-1035, Abstract, Full document

Per Karlsson (2002), DC Distributed Power Systems - Analysis, Design and Control for a Renewable Energy System, TEIE-1033, Abstract, Full document

Thomas Svantesson (2002), Automated Manufacture of Fertilizing Agglomerates from Burnt Wood Ash, TEIE-1032, Abstract, Full document

Pernille Ingildsen (2002), Realising Full-Scale Control in Wastewater Treatment Systems Using In Situ Nutrient Sensors, TEIE-1030, Abstract, Full document

Christian Rosen (2001), A Chemometric Approach to Process Monitoring and Control - With Applications to Wastewater Treatment Operation, TEIE-1022, Abstract, Full document

Mats Larsson (2001), Coordinated Voltage Control in Electric Power Systems , TEIE-1025, Abstract, Full document

Hans Bängtsson (1999), Harmonic Mitigation in Traction Drives, TEIE-1021b, Abstract, Full document

Olof Samuelsson (1997), Power System Damping- Structural Aspects of Controlling Active Power, TEIE-1014, Abstract, Full document

Magnus Akke (1997), Some Control Applications in Electric Power Systems, TEIE-1013, Abstract, Full document

Gunnar Lindstedt (1996), Borrowing the Batıs Ear for Automation - Ultrasonic Measurements in an Industrial Environment, TEIE-1012. Abstract, Full document

Ulf Jeppsson (1996), Modelling Aspects of Wastewater Treatment Processes, TEIE-1010. Abstract, Full document

Bo Peterson (1996), Induction Machine Speed Estimation - Observations on Observers, TEIE-1009. Abstract, Full document

Lars Låftman (1995), The Contribution to Noise from Magnetostriction and PWM Inverter in an Induction Machine, TEIE-1008.

Mats Alaküla (1993), On the Control of Saturated Synchronous Machines, TEIE-1005.