Control of Electrical Drives (EIE041)


IEA har för närvarande inte någon stud. exp. Vid frågor ang. kurser, tentor, betyg etc. vänligen kontakta kursansvarig lärare.

At the moment IEA does not have a student office. If you have questions regarding this course, exams or grades please contact Mats Alaküla.

A final lecture will be given Friday 05-12-09 in M:L2 08.15-10.00. It will be a summary of the course and a help in preparation for the exam.

The written exam will be on Tuesday 05-12-13 in MA:10 E-F. 

A new version of the simulation files can be found under Teaching Material. This version works with Matlab v.7 only.

The lecture on this Wednesday (Nov 9) 10-12 is moved to Friday Nov 11 at 10-12 in room M:E.

Home Assignment 1 should, at thelatest, be handed in on the 3rd of November to either Jonas or Mats. We want the report printed on paper not as an email.

The exercises on Tuesdays between 10-12 are moved to 8-10, due to collision with the course in Electric Power Systems. The exercises on Tuesdays will be held in room M:IEA (room 1491). Note that the lecture in week 48 is not moved.

Course Plan

Schedule week by week

Old exam

Teaching material

Intro, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7&8, L9, L10, L11, L12

Home assigments:

A1 + Simulation software in Zip-file  

A2 + Simulation software in Zip-file  

A2 + Simulation software in Zip-file (Matlab v.7)  

A3 + Simulation software in Zip-file  

A3 + Simulation software in Zip-file (Matlab v.7)  

Lab exercise 1

Lab exercise 2

Lab exercise 3