A Real Time Kernel For The IEA-MIMO Computer
Ingvar Eriksson
Supervisor: Anders Carlsson (IEA)

The IEA-MIMO computer has proven to be very versatile for many power
electronically controlled applications. The drawback of having to
communicate with the IEA-MIMO computer through a development system in a PC
is now overcome. Ingvar presents in his thesis software for the IEA-MIMO
computer as well as for the host PC that facilitates compiling,
downloading, on-line debugging, extracting measurements etc through the
built-in serial port on the IEA-MIMO computer. Anyone who plans to use the
IEA-MIMO computer is encouraged to take part in this extended seminar, that
will be an introductory course in the use of the new software.

Last updated 1999-02-04