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Wednesday 19/12 13:30-14:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Utvärdering av strategier för automatisk styrning av reaktiva shuntar i det svenska stamnätet"

Martin Larsson.

Supervisors: Peter Olofsson (Svenska Kraftnät), Olof Samuelsson (IEA)
Examiner: Jörgen Svensson (IEA)

Monday, November 5th at 10:15hr, M:E (M-Building, Ole Römers väg 1, Lund)

Licentiate Thesis Presentation:

"EMC Analysis Of Electric Drives"

Fadi Abdallah

Supervisor: Professor Mats Alaküla, IEA-LTH.
Examiner: Dr Hector Zelaya De La Parra, ABB Västerås.

In order to study conducted ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) emissions along a frequency band, circuit models of main components in the drive system are considered to be effective means to understand, predict, and control the phenomenon. These models should cover the capacitive and inductive coupling behaviour of the component along the frequency band of interest. Despite the dynamic behaviour of EMC-related issues, these detailed circuit models when used under generic SPICE simulation softwares, are very helpful for design-related and troubleshooting activities.
In this thesis the capacitive and inductive coupling for a winding on a laminated ferromagnetic core prototype has been investigated and analyzed with the aid of FEMM software package.
Capacitive coupling analysis resulted in the generation of complex capacitance network expressing a certain wiring arrangement. This is achieved by automatically generating a netlist file which contains capacitance values and structure to be represented under SPICE simulation software. In the netlist file the turn-to-turn capacitances (Ctt) and turn-to-ground capacitances (Ctg) are calculated from FEMM analysis through a MATLAB code and linkedback to MATLAB by a Sparse Matrix Representation in order to control the accuracy and complexity of the resulting network.
Inductive coupling analysis has led to the proposal of a SPICE circuit model for a single turn of copper winding on iron core. This has been accomplished by the quantification of the magnetic analysis output from FEMM, creating zero-pole-gain models and transfer functions of the SPICE model components, and then making use of the pole-zero maps and Bode plots utilities under MATLAB to analytically propose compensation factors for the complete SPICE circuit model components of a single copper turn, in order to fulfill low- and high- frequency behaviour.
Given the capacitive and inductive coupling of the winding turns, the resulting SPICE circuit model output is compared against measurements of the prototype taken by Hewlett Packard (hp) impedance analyzer 4194A where it showed very good agreement.

Thursday, November 1st at 15:30hr, M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Descriptive Assessment and Amendment of the SimpleTreat Model - Modelling of Organic Chemicals in Sludge for Soil Application"

Belinda Chieng, Ekosystemteknik LTH.

Supervisor: Dr Xavier Flores-Alsina, IEA, Dr Martijn van Praagh, SWECO Environment AB.
Examiner: Dr Ulf Jeppsson, IEA.
Opponent: Åsa Järvholm, Ekosystemteknik LTH and Daniel Olsson, Ekosystemteknik LTH.

Large quantities and numbers of organic compounds (OCs) from industries and domestic sources enter the wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) everyday, which is an ever-increasing issue in modern society. In WWTPs, the pollutants are either degraded or emitted to the air, the effluent (water) or the sludge (biosolids). Even though the sludge may contain toxic contaminants and heavy metals, there is an incentive of recycling sewage sludge as a fertiliser to preserve the phosphorus that is a limiting resource. To ensure the quality of the sludge, the WWTPs can certify their work according to the Swedish certification system, REVAQ, that includes setting up an upstream action plan (uppströmsarbete in Swedish) in which to improve the sludge. Nevertheless, the overall environmental risk of OCs, i.e. from entering the WWTP to exposing the sludge containing OCs to soil processes, has so far not been taken into consideration in the upstream action. The main objective of the thesis is to develop a methodology to predict the fate of organic chemical pollutants in sludge after being exposed to soil processes by applying and amending the easy accessible modelling tool SimpleTreat 3.1. Furthermore, it is to generate an outlook of expected concentration ranges of chemicals in Swedish effluent and sludge, especially when many of the emerging chemicals' presence, frequency of occurrence or source may be unknown.

Wednesday 24/10 11:00hr, M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"A comparison of different connection techniques for thermoelectric generators in vehicle waste heat recovery"

Björn Andersson

Supervisors: Jan Dellrud, Scania CV; Dr. Avo Reinap, IEA.
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla, IEA.

Waste heat recovery using thermoelectric generators is an interesting possibility to increase the overall efficiency for a vehicle. However, the open load voltage and internal resistance of a thermoelectric generator is temperature dependant, leading to a changing optimal output current when maximum output power is the goal.
In order to recover as much energy as possible, the right output current must be maintained. This can be achieved by either using a DC/DC-converter between the thermoelectric generators and the load, or to switch the amount of thermoelectric generators that is connected in series or parallel.
The aim of this thesis is to investigate whether a switching network is a realistic alternative to a DC/DC-converter under the given conditions.

Friday 26/10 10:30hr, M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Condition Based Maintenance - Submarine A26"

Johan Schantz

Supervisors (Kockums AB): Per Malmborg, Magnus Fast.
Supervisor (IEA): Henriette Weibull.
Examiner: Gunnar Lindstedt, IEA.

Thursday 06/09 10:30hr, M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Capacitive power transfer through tire to car - is it possible?"

Sebastian Hall

Supervisor: Prof. Mats Alaküla, IEA.
Examiner: Dr. Avo Reinap, IEA.

This work aims to evaluate the possibility to transfer electrical power from a metal plate to the steel-cord within a car tire.

Wednesday, June 20 at 14:00 hr, M:IEA (seminars-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Deadbeat Direct Torque and Flux Control (DB-DTFC) for an induction machine"

Gabriel Dominguez

Supervisor: Francisco Marquez, IEA.
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla, IEA.
Opponent: Hammad Khan, IEA.

The most used techniques for controlling inductions machines in the industry are field oriented control (FOC) and direct torque control (DTC) but recently a new technique that combines the advantages of both methods and provides a robust performance has been developed by the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Computer Engineering in the University of Wisconsin. The aim of this thesis is to verify that the claimed performance is true, both by simulations and with a practical implementation of this new method using the hardware available at IEA (cRIO).

Wednesday, June 20 at 15:00hr, M:IEA (seminars-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Dynamic Breaking - Further development of testing procedure"

Aleksandar Stojkovic and Måns Andersson

Supervisor: Yury Loayza, IEA.
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla, IEA.
Opponent: Gabriel Dominguez, IEA.

A new method is being developed at LTH - dynamic braking. The machine is electrically connected to a power electronic drive, not mechanically connected to anything - No torque sensor, no loading machine. The machine is repeatedly accelerated and decelerated at different operating points (current phase and amplitude), each point to maximum reachable speed for that specific working point. During each acceleration and deceleration a lot of data is collected at a number of different speed levels. A method for high accuracy measurement of the PWM output voltage is also used.
This project is aiming at further development of the described dynamic testing procedure. A new current control is implemented with hysteresis band for high speeds. The post-processing method has been adapted and developed to work with the new current controller.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012, 10:15 hr, sal M:B (M-huset)

Defence Of Doctoral Dissertation

Integration of Non-Synchronous Generation - Frequency Dynamics

Johan Björnstedt

Faculty opponent:
Professor Mark O'Malley, Irland

A pdf-version of this announcement exists here.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012, 13:15 hr, sal M:B (M-huset)

Seminar on Future System Operation in Lund

Program here

Thursday, June 7th, 2012, 10:15 hr, sal M:B (M-huset)

Defence Of Doctoral Dissertation

Fault Behavior of Wind Turbines

Francesco Sulla

Faculty opponent:
Dr Jouko Niiranen, Finland

A pdf-version of this announcement exists here.

Torsdag 8/3 kl 10:30, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

" Risk analysis of geomagnetically induced currents in power systems - how will the upcoming sunspot maxima 2013 and its associated solar storms affect the services of E.ON?"

Rasmus Thornberg

Handledare: Olof Samuelsson, Jonas Johansson, IEA.
Examinator: Ulf Jeppsson, IEA.

Torsdag 8/3 kl 11:15, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

"Digital Proof of Delivery"

Carl Ryding

Handledare: Marek Sokalla, Scania CV AB; Gunnar Lindstedt, IEA.
Examinator: Ulf Jeppsson, IEA.

Måndag 13/2 kl 13:15, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

"Development, Installation and Commissioning of an OCR Verification System - For Order Number and Label Correspondence"

Jonas Kristensson

Handledare: Ulf Jeppsson, IEA.
Examinator: Gunnar Lindstedt, IEA.

Måndag 13/2 kl 14:00, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

" Methods for cooling image sensors - and keepin' it cool"

Viktor Fogelberg & John Åkesson

Handledare: Gunnar Lindstedt, IEA.
Examinator: Ulf Jeppsson Olof, IEA.

Tisdag 7/2 kl 10:15, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

"Dynamic Braking. A new approach for testing electrical machines"

Eloy Sánchez Caton

Handledare: Francisco Márquez, IEA.
Examinator: Mats Alaküla, IEA.

Tisdag 7/2 kl 13:15, M:IEA (seminarierum)

Presentation av examensarbete:

"Mätning av krafttransformatorers nollföljdsimpedans"

Jasmin Selimovic

Handledare: Magnus Akke, IEA.
Examinator: Olof Samuelsson, IEA.

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