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Monday & Tuesday, 16+17/12

Two days dedicated to:

"Network Integration of Renewable Energy Sources"

Welcome to two days dedicated to network integration of renewable energy sources!

On Monday 16 December at 13:15hr, room M:B (M-huset, Ole Römers väg 1, Lund), Ph.D. candidate "Ingmar Leisse" defends his doctoral dissertation:

"Efficient Integration of Distributed Generation in Electricity Distribution Networks - Voltage Control and Network Design"

External examiner: Prof. Sami Repo

Examination committee: Prof. Ola Carlson
Assoc. prof. Birgitte Bak Jensen
Prof. Lennart Söder
Dr. Daniel Karlsson (backup)

In his thesis Ingmar Leisse shows how the voltage in distribution networks can be controlled to permit efficient connection of more wind turbine generators or PV units. New electricity meters form a vital resource in the work, which has been evaluated in cooperation with E.ON Elnät using both simulations of existing networks and a pilot installation in Småland.

In connection with the Ph.D. defense I take the opportunity to also arrange a half-day seminar on network integration of renewable energy sources on Tuesday 17 December. The seminar is supported by the Swedish IEEE PE/PEL Chapter.

For detailed information about seminar program and registration see file and http://www.iea.lth.se/seminars/resintegration


Olof Samuelsson

Wednesday 4/12 at 13:15hr, M:B (M-huset, Ole Römers väg 1, Lund)

Doctoral Thesis Presentation:

"Thermal Modelling of Power Modules in a Hybrid Vehicle Application"

Jonas Ottosson

Supervisor: Professor Mats Alaküla (IEA-LTH), Daniel Norlén, Borg Warner

Examiner: Professor Josef Lutz, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, TU Chemnitz

Monday 25 November 11:00-12:00 in M:IEA (seminar-room)


"Chance-Constrained Optimization for Power Systems Operation under Uncertainty"

Camille Hamon, KTH, Stockholm

Presentation abstract is available at:

Olof Samuelsson

Thursday 24/10 at 10:15 hr. M:E ( "E" hall, M-building, Ole Römers väg 1, Lund)

Licentiate Thesis Presentation:

"Thermal Design of Electrical Machine - Investigation and Evaluation of Cooling Performances"

Zhe Huang

This thesis work focuses on thermal design of permanent magnet synchronous electrical machines (PMSM) used in hybrid vehicles (HEVs) or zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). Electrical machines in such applications are usually designed with high power density requirements but within limited spaces, which lead to high rate of heat generation but low rate of heat dissipation. Therefore, highly efficient thermal design or cooling methods are needed.

Firstly, the thesis discusses different possible approaches to improve the thermal design of electrical machines, which by either decreasing heat generations or increasing heat dissipations. Among different options, direct cooling system is studied further and compared to indirect cooling system.

Secondly, in this thesis work, three simulation approaches namely Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Lumped Parameter Method (LPM) are applied to different calculation domains with different purposes. The calculated domain of FEA and LPM is the complete machine which applies the heat transfer coefficients calculated by CFD at the boundaries between coolant and solid.

Furthermore, the evaluations of the thermal performances of designed electrical machine with different driving cycles are carried out in the thesis work.

This thesis also proposes Hydraulic Equivalent Circuit (HEC) method in order to evaluate the flow network for the cooling system, which uses the analogy between the electric circuit and hydraulic circuit.

In addition, this thesis also shows the in-house built experimental system in order to test the cooling system and temperatures for electrical machines. The comparison between measurement results and simulation results are discussed.

Supervisors: Prof. Mats Alaküla (IEA - LTH),
Assoc. Prof. Avo Reinap (IEA - LTH),
Prof. Jinliang Yuan (Heat Transfer Division, Dept of Energy Sciences - LTH).

Examiner: Joachim Lindström, Volvo Cars.

Tuesday 8/10 @ 09:00 hr. in M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Dynamic line rating - thermal line modeling and control"

Martin Andersson Ljus

Supervisors: Ingmar Leisse (IEA), Claes Ahlrot (E.ON Elnät).
Examiner: Olof Samuelsson (IEA).

Monday 30/9 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Energy study of bucket positioning systems on wheel loaders - Loader linkages"

Gabriel Napadow

As a stage in the development of the next generation of wheel loaders, all systems are evaluated in order to minimize the energy consumption. This master thesis aims to investigate the energy consumption for four different linkages in order to see if there is a difference between the linkages and what the total cost of ownership is. Models have been built using AMESim, MatLab and SimuLink. Based on results from simulations the energy consumption for the different linkages was found. As a consequence of the energy consumption and linkage costs a TCO concluded that there was a notable difference in the total costs of ownership between the linkages.

Supervisors: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA), Robert Morelius (Volvo CE), Magnus Bergström (Volvo CE).
Examiner: Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).
Opponent: Malin Nordlund (Mech Eng student from 2009).

Monday 30/9 11:15 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Motion controlled cleaning of large tanks"

Mattis Wahlby

Saving water, time and energy when cleaning large tanks is highly desirable for companies trying to improve. A common solution is a stationary pipe going into the tank with a cleaning nozzle mounted in the end. Today the spray pattern of most cleaning systems is _xed. To adjust the cleaning cycles so that the most soiled places of the tank get extra attention without increasing the total cleaning time another approach is needed.
This thesis develops and implements an algorithm for an arbitrary cleaning pattern for a tank with the shape of a cylinder. By using two asynchronous motors, one connected to each axis, enables the cleaning nozzle to move independently both horizontally and vertically. Feedback is obtained from two incremental encoders, for positioning and speed, and two inductive sensors used for homing. An HMI with a basic user interface is used for control and basic monitoring of the process.
The main focus has been on developing the algorithm but major time has also been spent on getting the hardware to function together to enable testing. By introducing a coordinate system and converting the coordinates, given by the user, to motor positions it is possible to create a pattern of cleaning points. Varying the output signals to the motors it is possible for both motors to reach the point simultaneously and keep a constant peripheral velocity of the jetbeam.

Supervisors: Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA), Peter Blomberg (Alfa Laval, Søborg), Jonas Pettersson (Alfa Laval, Søborg).
Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA).
Opponent: Mikael Henriksson.

Friday, 20/9 at 10:15hr, MA5 (Matteannexet, Sölvegatan 20 A, Lund)

Licentiate Thesis Presentation:

"Control of a Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system"

Evripidis Karatsivos

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Olof Samuelsson, IEA-LTH.
Assoc. Prof. Jörgen Svensson, IEA-LTH.

Examiner: Dr. Mats Larsson (ABB Corporate Research, Baden, Switzerland)

Date and Time: Thursday 19/9 15:00 -- 16:00 hr.
Place: Building MA, seminar room MA5, Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH), Sölvegatan 20 A, Lund (MAP)

Presentation on:

"Supervisory DC-grid control"

Mats Larsson (ABB Corporate Research, Baden, Switzerland)

Mats will highlight the latest research on the topic within the company.

(no registration, no fee)

Thursday 5/9 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis presentation:

"Situation Awareness" in power systems with renewables

Demijan Panic

Supervisors (E.ON Elnät): Mikael Håkansson, Torsten Brönmark.
Supervisor (IEA): Jörgen Svensson.
Examiner (IEA): Olof Samuelsson.

Thursday 15/8 15:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Intelligent linear motor controller for fuel VR applications"

Designing of a motor electronics and controller for a vapor recovery pump.
The pump is a combined pump and linear motor and can be described as a two phase solenoid driven axial piston pump.

Gustaf Gustafsson

Supervisors: Avo Reinap (IEA) and Henrik Kjellberg (Wayne AB).
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla (IEA).

Thursday 15/8 13:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Integrated Charging,
Designing the Specific Charging Components"

An integrated charger uses components from the electric traction system. The components are reconfigured to be used for charging and as a result, weight, volume and cost of the extra charging components can be reduced. This Master's Thesis is a continuation of the Master's Thesis performed by Erik Hoevenaars where he and his supervisor Mats Alaküla invented a new type of integrated charger. This thesis focuses are on designing, controlling and building a box containing the specific components needed when using the traction system as a charger.

Johanna Aspenberg

Supervisors: Mats Alaküla (IEA), Erik Hoevenaars (AB Volvo).
Examiner: Per Karlsson (IEA).

Monday 1/7 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Teknik- och komponentutredning för interaktiv användarpanel med fokus på trådlös närkommunikation "

Fredrik Lundström
Jon Vikström Wicksell

Supervisors: Mikael Johansson, Fredrik Persson (The company), Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).
Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA).

Monday 17/6 14:00 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Omfattande andel solcellers inverkan på lågspänningsnätet"
Niklas Berg
Samuel Estenlund

Supervisors: Håkan Skarrie (Lunds Energi), Francesco Sulla (IEA).
Examiner: Olof Samuelsson(IEA).

Tuesday 18/6 9:30-15:00 hr. Kårhuset (byggnad 94 i karta över Lunds Universitet)

Seminariedag i Lund



Inbjudan med program


O. Samuelsson, IEA LTH (Inledning)
N. C. Nordentoft, Dansk Energi (Rapport från Dansk Energi: “Solceller og spændingsvariationer i 0,4 kV net”)
J.-O. Dalenbäck, Svensk Solenergi (Utmaningar för nätansluten solel – erfarenheter från EU-projektet PV GRID)
Göran Lagerstedt, Svensk Energi (Utredningen om nettodebitering i Sverige)
Elisabeth Kjellsson, LTH (Potentialkarta för Lund)
Joar Johansson, Fortum Eldistribution, Joakim Widén, Uppsala universitet (Nätberäkningar Fortum)
Stefan Öhrlund, E.ON Elnät (Nätberäkningar E.ON)
Samuel Estenlund, Niklas Berg, LTH (Nätberäkningar Lunds Energi)

Seminariedagen är kostnadsfri!

Arrangör Olof Samuelsson +46-46-222 75 04

Monday 10/6 13:15 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Modelling and Evaluation of Laminated Windings - Direct Cooling"

The laminated winding design opens a new and effective way of cooling an electric machine. By forcing air through the winding and directly cooling at the conductor one reaches to new heights in peak power capabilities. This initiates a way to smaller machines with peak efficiency nearer nominal use while keeping the ability to deliver high power on demand.

Rasmus Kjellstrand
Ville Akujärvi

Supervisors: Conny Högmark (IEA), Avo Reinap (IEA).
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla (IEA).

Monday 10/6 11:00 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Inductive Energy Transfer - Vehicular Application"

A portable wireless power transfer for a various road vehicles powered by electrical energy is set one's sights on when focusing on the principles and limits for inductive energy transfer. Intention on transferring 30 and 200kW for light and heavy vehicles, respectively, as carried the studies from a component as a 3-phase high frequency transformer with a large magnetic air-gap towards system realization of magnetically excited roads, hovering techniques and the limits for the efficient energy transfer.

Alexander Svensson

Supervisor: Avo Reinap (IEA)
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla (IEA).

Wednesday 5/6 13:15 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Modelling and Simulation of Smart Grids in Dymola/Modelica"

Jonas Enerbäck
Oscar Nalin Nilsson

Supervisors: Jens Pålsson (Modelon), Jörgen Svensson (IEA).
Examiner: Olof Samuelsson (IEA).

Thursday, May 30th at 10:15hr, M:B (M-huset, Ole Römers väg 1, Lund)

Doctoral Dissertation Presentation and Defence:

"Comparison of Different Electrical Machines for Belt-driven Alternator and Starter"

Dan Hagstedt

Supervisor: Professor Mats Alaküla, IEA-LTH.
Faculty Opponent: Professor Yujing Liu, Chalmers University of Technology.

This thesis focuses on the electromagnetic design of a synchronous machine suited for a belt-driven alternator and starter (BAS) in a micro hybridisation of a mid-size passenger car. The BAS needs to provide a high cranking torque to start the combustion engine, especially in a cool condition where the requirements are highest. Besides the high crancking torque it is desirable to have high power performance over a wide speed range.

Monday 27/5 11:00 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Dynamic Shifting"
This work is about the hybridization of a heavy road-vehicle where the electric machine is used not only to assist smart usage of power but also provide a smooth power transmission by providing a dynamic shifting. This work has been carried out at Lund, Gothenburg and Sibbhult.

Malin Reinholds
Steve Andreasson

Supervisors: Rasmus Andersson (IEA, Volvo AB),
Anders Göransson (Sibbhultsverken AB).
Examiner: Prof. Mats Alaküla (IEA).

Thursday 23/5 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Automatic Ink Viscosity and Bucket Content Measurement"
This work has been carried out at Tetra Pak AB in Lund. This has included automating the measurement of viscosity and the remaining amount for printing inks in a printing press for packaging materials. Selection of sensors, implementation and HMI design has been part of the work.

Magnus Virgili

Supervisors: Martin Tofft (Tetra Pak AB),
Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).
Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA).

Thursday 23/5 11:15 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Rotary Position Sensor for Automotive Applications"
This work has been carried out at Haldex AB in Landskrona. Different principles for measuring brake wear on heavy vehicles are studied. After evaluating a large number of principles, a cost-effective and reliable solution based on the Hall effect sensors and permanent magnets, is proposed.

Andreas Johansson
Erik Fredriksson

Supervisors: Anders Lindqvist, Anders Nilsson (Haldex AB),
Bengt Simonsson (IEA).
Examiner: Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).

Monday 13/5 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Versatile Test Rig, Further Development of DMRC Test Rig"
(DMRC : Dehli Metro Rail Cooperation)
The work, which deals with testing equipment for train brakes, has been performed at Faiveley Transport Hosur India Ltd.

Sherjeel Ton

Supervisor: Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).
Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA).

Monday 29/4 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Nytt kontrollsystem för heliumförvätskare"

Tove Mattsson

Supervisors: Leif Magnusson (Kryolab, Fysicum),
Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA).
Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA).

Monday, March 18th at 10:15hr, MA5 (Matteannexet, Sölvegatan 20, Lund)

Licentiate Thesis Presentation:

"Moulded Electrical Machines and Laminated Windings"

Conny Högmark

Supervisor: Professor Mats Alaküla, IEA-LTH.
Examiner: Associate Professor. Anders Malmquist, KTH

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the possibility to make a machine part in one production step i.e. mould a finished stator core together with a winding for an electrical machine. As new mouldable core materials are developed with very low core losses, the opportunity for a different approach to manufacturing of electrical machines appears. By moulding the stator core, there are a potential to decrease the production cost during the manufacturing process by minimizing the manual work in the production of the machine. Therefore this thesis will focus on simplifying the production of electrical machines which will include different kinds of moulding techniques and windings design suitable for moulding.

Wednesday, March 13th, 10:30 - 12:00 hr, Conference Room (3rd floor, M-building)


"Development of Pulsed Power Supplies for Accelerators in ESS"

Dr. Carlos Martins

Tuesday 29/1 10:30 hr. M:IEA (seminar-room)

Master Thesis Presentation:

"Model Calibration of a Vertical Wind Power Plant using Dymola/Modelica"

Stefan Andersson .
Jonatan Strömner.

Supervisors: Jens Pålsson (Modelon), Jörgen Svensson (IEA)
Examiner: Olof Samuelsson (IEA)

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