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Thursday 27 October 2016, 10:30, M:IEA (seminar room)

Master Thesis presentation:

"Energy Harvesting Device"

Driton Salihu

Abstract: This thesis evaluates the concept of Energy Harvesting as a power source for a serial measurement board used by ABB robots. A background study of possible energy harvesters is included, where the main focus is laid on the overall function and what parameters determine the maximum generated power and efficiencies. Furthermore, a design of a physical proof of concept for solar as an Energy Harvesting Source is examined. The design consists of solar cells as Harvester, a Power Management Integrated Circuit for managing power requirements of the host system and an Energy Storage to be used when the source is not available. The host system, i.e. the SMB consumes a maximum power of 1 mW. The designed Energy Harvesting System used in this thesis generates a maximum power of 1.73 mW at a light intensity of 700 Lux.

Supervisor: Ranjith Dharmasiri (ABB), Gunnar Lindstedt (IEA)

Examiner: Ulf Jeppsson (IEA)

Monday 7 November 2016, 17:00, Hollywood in Kårhuset, John Ericssons väg 3

IEEE PE/PEL seminar:

"Applications and topologies of power electronic systems for large particle accelerators: for example ESS" Abstract

Carlos A. Martins, ESS - Power converters work package leader, Adj. Prof. IEA

For more information contact Olof Samuelsson (IEA)

Seminars are held in the IEA lecture room, ground floor in southeastern corner of the M-building, unless stated otherwise. Seminar Announcer:Finn Landegren.